A hindsight on… STORM @Baroeg, Rotterdam 29/11/1

A hindsight on…

STORM @Baroeg, Rotterdam

In Dortmund my beloved muse and I started Shortly after 15 clock our trip to Rotterdam.
The train ride turned out to be really relaxed and free network in the Dutch trains allow myself an entertaining barrage in Facebook messages that were owed ​​a euphoric desire to communicate.
Likewise, I could handle finishing touches on the set in train completely stress-free and comfortable.

After a short but much needed cigarette break plus recently Photo - Posing at Rotterdam Central Station, we went briskly on to Rotterdam Lombardjien.
We denied the remaining distance then classically by foot, which also expired really easily.
Once in the location then everything went well very friendly and professional, which has contributed really worth mentioning to my relaxation. Even the smoking ban on stage I could cope reasonably.

A short sound check, which would have been even shorter I had my mixer turned on, could also be handled without problems and then first interesting small talk was held, the location could assessed more accurately and had also some time to relax.

The acts gave the evening a truly varied program, and the sound engineering has done a really praiseworthy job.

DAVIDK started the evening short but with anatmospheric one, then TAPAGE delivered a really funky, I can hardly describe ... somewhere between industrial and experimental works with a touch of 2.0 trip hop

GEISTFORM played an energetic sound carpet between atmospheric moods, rhythmic Industrial and end-electric´s for the last Breakdance Battle before nuclear war.
As I had to breathe and have some cigarettes after my gig I unfortunately didn´t notice the second TAPAGE performance but I think it was much harder then his first set but not less strange.

MINDUSTRIES whipped everybody mercilessly into the addiction! Hard-hitting 4/4 midtempo kicks, refined breaks and an atmospheric density of an outstanding natural made clear, that dependence is not always wrong and the whip may sometimes could be an acceptable instrument.
DAVIDK then seamlessly tied up whereMINDUSTRIES have stopped and brought us a hard and energetic set.
NANO.STRIKE started then relatively civilized with straight kick drums, although they were only basis for a metallic Breakcore thunderstorm, which he then unleashed.


All in all it was a thoroughly successful evening with good mix of music from great artists, supported by a really great audience.
Looking forward to see you again! CHEERIO